Is religion relevant today in modern society?

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Is religion relevant in modern society?

Religion definition

The majority of people have no idea what religion is, even if they belong to a specific religion. We come to the question, “What is religion?” It is a system of rules and beliefs, based on which you derive a way of living your life in society. The rules and beliefs are often derived from archaic texts written by some author who is perceived to have more knowledge, however, that knowledge is not proven, and this leads to the question Is religion relevant today?

Religion worked like glue to keep the ancient tribes looking like a cohesive unit, kings and politicians exploited religion to control people and power, It is true that the ancient texts of different religions often contain statements that seem as if they were being given by “God” in the author’s vision, but they also contain ethical and moral teachings and this definitely helps us in controlling our aggressive behavior, but on the other hand, the same texts can make you think and make irrational decisions at times and create tension.

As humans progressed biologically and the frontal lobe had advanced development, people started questioning these ancient texts. Therefore science was born, and the decline of religion started and continued to decline.

What should religion look like in this modern age? And what should be its role in the life of humans?

Here are some thoughts on the above questions.

Should help you gain more happiness in your life.

Should make you earn your livelihood with the required ethics and morals.

To evolve continuously to reduce friction in society.

A religion that is static in nature and not evolving will fade away as time passes by. The unfortunate truth about this is that “it can come at some cost to human life and peace”.

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