Brahmam Okate Great Spiritual Song

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Spiritual Song “Brahmam Okate” by Annamacharya great Telugu Composer.

Brahmam Okate by Annamacharya the great Indian writer and composer, Here below the lyrics to wake you up from the deep slumber sleep of materialism.

There are no differences between low & high.

“Srihari” (A name of Vishnu. Vishnu is the form of God who is in charge of maintenance, protection of the good & destruction of the bad. In this context, Srihari is the Supreme Spirit) is the indwelling Spirit to one and all. All the beings in creation are one because the indwelling spirit in every creature is one and the same.

Sleep is the same to all, be it a king or a servant. Be it a man of the highest or a man of the lowest, the earth they live on is one and the same.

The pleasure is one and the same either for angels or for insects and animals. The day and night are equal to the rich as well as to the poor.

One could afford to eat tasty food and the other the condemned food. But the tongues that taste the food are alike. An object of fragrance or an object of foul smell, the air that carries the smell is one and the same.

Be it an elephant or a dog, the sun shines alike on both of them. For the good and the bad, Lord Venkateshwara alone is “The Savior”

Brahmam Okate

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Venkat2336, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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