Which religion is the best

Which religion is the best?

It is a “not to be asked” question for many, as most people are already born and raised according to a specific religion their parents belong to, or living in a society where a single religion is already dominated with little chance or need to think about it.

So a simple answer is if you are already tied up to a specific religion and you believe it, you’re welcome ahead no need to read beyond this paragraph.

However, if you think you need to understand more about different religions and then pick the one you like, now things can get complicated. Even if you read different religions, your mind is already biased towards the religion you are raised in unless you dislike it. This is due to the simple fact of the “Tribe mentality humans have for evolutionary reasons”, which makes you feel insecure to leave a religion due to the loss of friends and family who belong, and nothing wrong about it.

There is a possibility that you think you are very open-minded even though you are tied to a specific religion. Often it is difficult to know someone’s open-mindedness because of his looks or the way he talks. Even if the individual self-reflects, he may not know it. The simple reason is that most religions prohibit or disallow thinking with open-mindedness, and the individual is already cultured to believe this subconsciously from childhood because parents and elders repeat the same.

We can have some more analysis, however, we will most likely come back to the same kind of argument as above for “Which religion is the best”

So the final answer to “Which religion is the best?” is “Religion is your private affair”, so you should do your research, compare it, and make the final decision.

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