What is in a Horoscope

Horoscope and Astrology the alternative perspective

Believe me, most of us in our life at some point in time read about astrology or read our weekly horoscope.

I heard stories from people who mentioned somebody predicted their future accurately and whatever they said happened in their life.

People with high emotional intelligence can talk as you expect them to talk during conversations, making you believe them and trust them, One of the tool they might employ is Horoscope.

Now if you read the above paragraphs, you would see the words “heard”, and “believed”, exactly this is the trap people fell into and suffer from Ponzi schemes or conman tricks or believe in the occult or believe in magic remedies.

Now we should not feel guilty about falling prey to the above as our capacity to analyze depends on our situation at that time and our ability to be aware.

Astrology which helps in creating a horoscope relies on some fundamental assumptions that look theoretically possible or intuitively look possible, for example, the effects of the Moon on our minds.

So why I am telling you above? This is to make us aware, not everything you heard or read is true, given we are in the age of the Internet.

Let’s examine the positive aspect of relying on astrology unless you are not overdoing it.

It might give us some gratification if the astrologer combines the words of optimism and positive action to keep us motivated, nothing wrong with this, it is just like a psychology counselor giving you some suggestions during your session with him for whatever trouble you are taking consultation.

Taking a further deeper look, it looks like Chaos theory gives us an idea of how things can evolve for an individual or for a system based on some initial conditions, and based on the initial conditions the prospect of an individual’s future may be predicted, Exactly this is what some astrologers try to do intuitively.

An animation of a double-rod pendulum at intermediate energy shows chaotic behavior. Starting the pendulum from a slightly different initial condition would result in a vastly different trajectory. The double-rod pendulum is one of the simplest dynamical systems with chaotic solutions.