What about rebirth?

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What about rebirth?

In any discussion on rebirth, we can only speculate or believe it as a part of our faith.

If the answer is “No I do not believe in rebirth”, then the discussion ends there itself, otherwise, let’s see some other arguments below.

The fundamental assumption here is ” I believe in God but I do not believe in Rebirth”

If God created us then why the inequality? why all are not having a similar kind of life, rather some are born rich, and healthy and some are born and die instantly at an early age, or live a poor life.

The explanation for the above questions can be “God testing us?”, this argument has no weight as to why only partial testing.

Another explanation is “God creates us but does not control our lives beyond that”, Then he is not almighty God, as you have one life, and after you die you do not exist anymore, if you say God will punish or reward in heaven/hell then that means you never die rather your existence is moved to a new place.

What else could be another explanation?

Let’s take the other assumption “I believe in God and I Believe in Rebirth”

You need to add one more assumption which is “I believe in Karma

Above give us some kind of explanation for why some people lead a happy life and some do not.

If you do good karma in a past life, the current life can be a happy one, if in the current life if you accumulate bad karma, then the next life can be a bad one.

This will not explain a few things like a child dying in the womb of the mother. what kind of punishment is this?

The other perspective is from “Advaitha”, This is all part of “Maya” which is a perception got created in the individual soul as it is not realized or because of ignorance, yet it is the absolute consciousness suffering illusion.

Here is an explanation of Rebirth from the perspective of “Vedanta and Upanishads