Ramadootha Stotram: Protection from evil

Ramadootha Stotram Details

The Ramadootha Stotram is a hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, It celebrates his various qualities, strengths, and devotion to Rama.

Here are some details about the stotram:

  • Author: The authorship of the Ramadootha Stotram is unknown.
  • Benefits: Chanting the stotram is believed to bring blessings like courage, strength, devotion, and protection from evil.
  • Structure: The stotram is typically short and consists of several verses, each focusing on a specific attribute of Hanuman.

Ramadootha Stotram Lyrics

The Stotram uses various seed syllables (bija mantras) like “Ram” and “Ha” throughout the verses. Here’s an example of the first verse with a basic translation:

राम राम राम रक्त वर्णम दिन कर रवदनम तीक्षण दम कलम(rāma rāma rāma rakta varṇam dina kara ravadanam tīkṣaṇa dama kalaṃ)

  • Translation:
    • Om Rama, Rama, Rama (three repetitions)
    • One with a red complexion (Rakta Varnam)
    • Face like the Sun (Dina Kara Ravadanam)
    • Sharp and destroyer of enemies (Tīkṣaṇa Dama Kalaṃ)

Note: It’s recommended to find a reliable source for the complete lyrics with proper pronunciation, especially for the seed syllables.

Here are some resources that can help you find the full lyrics and translations:

  • Websites:
  • YouTube videos: You can find videos with the Ramadootha Stotram lyrics and chanting in Sanskrit and sometimes with English translations. However, be cautious and ensure the source is reputable.

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Isha bovi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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