Perseid meteor shower fast and bright

The Perseid meteor shower is a spectacular celestial event that occurs every year in mid-August

Occurs when Earth passes through the debris left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle. The comet orbits the sun every 133 years and sheds bits of ice and rock along its path. When these fragments enter Earth’s atmosphere, they burn up and create bright streaks of light across the sky, which we call meteors or shooting stars. The Perseids are one of the best meteor showers of the year, with about 50 to 100 meteors seen per hour at their peak. They are also known for their fast and bright meteors, which often leave long trails of light and color behind them.

The meteor shower is named after the constellation Perseus, which is the point in the sky from which the meteors appear to radiate. However, you don’t need to look at Perseus to see the meteors, as they can appear anywhere in the sky. The best time to view the Perseids is between midnight and dawn on August 11-13, when the shower reaches its peak.

You should find a dark and clear spot away from city lights, and give your eyes some time to adjust to the darkness. Then, just look up and enjoy the show

If you want to learn more about the meteor shower, you can check out some of the news articles and web pages.

Hope you have a wonderful time watching the Perseids!

Watch the below video for tips to watch Perseid Meteor Shower

Perseid Meteor Shower viewing tips from NASA
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