Mahagatha 100 Tales

The “Mahagatha 100 Tales” isn’t an ancient Hindu scripture itself

It is a modern book based on the Puranas. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Book Title: Mahagatha: 100 Tales from the Puranas
  • Author: Satyarth Nayak
  • Content: This book retells 100 stories from various Puranas, aiming to provide a captivating and accessible entry point into Hindu mythology.

Key Points about Mahagatha:

  • Selection of Tales: The author curates 100 stories spanning the four yugas (cosmic ages) of Hindu cosmology.
  • Focus: It delves into the realms of gods, demons, humans, and sages, offering insights into Hindu mythology, philosophy, and the interconnectedness of all things.
  • Style: The book is known for its clear, concise, and engaging prose, making it suitable for readers of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Structure: Uniquely, the stories are presented chronologically, following a narrative arc from creation through different yugas. This approach helps readers understand the interconnectedness of these tales within the grand scheme of Hindu mythology.

Sources for the Mahagatha 100 Tales:

The book draws inspiration and stories from various Puranas, the ancient Hindu scriptures.

If you’re interested in learning more about the source material, here are some of the major Puranas:

  • Shiva Purana
  • Vishnu Purana
  • Bhagavata Purana
  • Matsya Purana
  • Kurma Purana
  • Skanda Purana

Remember, the “Mahagatha 100 Tales” is a modern interpretation, while the Puranas themselves are vast and complex collections of stories and teachings.

Some insights on the types of stories you’ll encounter:

  • Creation myths: Stories about the origin of the universe, often centered around a god or goddess.
  • Epic tales: Retellings of famous Hindu epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata, but possibly with a focus on lesser-known subplots or characters.
  • Legends of gods and goddesses: These stories explore the lives, powers, and conflicts between various deities.
  • Tales of sages and kings: Stories that impart moral lessons or showcase the ideals of righteous conduct.
  • Myths about the underworld and afterlife: These stories explore what happens after death and the nature of karma.

The book “Mahagatha 100 Tales” also includes some lesser-known stories, according to reviews, which adds to the variety.

Here are some strategies to find out the specific stories in “Mahagatha 100 Tales”:

  • Online Reviews: Search online reviews to see if readers mentioned specific stories they found interesting.
  • Author Interviews: If you can find interviews with the author, Satyarth Nayak, he might discuss the stories he included.
  • Physical Copy Search: If you have access to a physical copy of the book, you can try browsing the chapter titles or the index (if it has one).

Reading the book “Mahagatha 100 tales” will expose you to a wide range of captivating Hindu myths and legends.

Satyarth Nayak is a contemporary Indian author and screenwriter known for his works in various genres. Here’s a breakdown of his profile:


  • Born on October 29, 1981, in Cuttack, Odisha, India.
  • Grew up in various Indian cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, and Delhi.
  • Currently resides in Mumbai, India.
  • Holds a Master’s degree in English Literature from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

Career Trajectory

  • Worked as a correspondent with CNN-IBN from 2007 to 2011, even winning the SAARC Heal Award in 2008.
  • During this period, his short stories achieved recognition, winning the British Council Award and appearing in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.
  • In 2011, he transitioned from journalism to become a full-time author and screenwriter.

Literary Works

  • Author:
    • Mahagatha 100 Tales from the Puranas (2022): A compilation of 100 retold stories from various Puranas, aiming to make Hindu mythology accessible to a wider audience.
    • The Emperor’s Riddles (2014): A bestselling thriller novel that garnered comparisons to Dan Brown’s work for its blend of history and mystery.
    • Venom (2020): His second thriller novel.
    • Sridevi: The Eternal Screen Goddess (2019): A critically acclaimed biography of the legendary Indian actress Sridevi.
  • Screenwriter:
    • Scripted Sony’s historical television series Porus, considered one of the most expensive and acclaimed shows on Indian television.


  • Named one of the Top 50 Authors to follow on social media.
  • A regular speaker at national and international literature festivals.

Satyarth Nayak’s diverse skillset allows him to create engaging content across genres, from mythology retellings to fast-paced thrillers.