How to improve yourself

How to improve yourself?

This question often haunts us and we look towards various sources and books to find answers, Often we lack clarity about improvement, where we should improve?

Let’s discuss one practical method that makes sense and is done without much stress.

We know improvement does not happen suddenly and will happen gradually, so a start has to be made.

The method is “Kai Zen” is a Japanese term and the English “Change for better

We can adapt this to our daily lives, by following the simple steps below.

Identify goals in your personal life or career you want to achieve.

Identity necessary tools knowledge and improvements required to achieve the goals.

Start working towards learning using the tools and improving the knowledge.

The most important thing is to not overburden yourself with too many tasks but rather try to make small improvements or progress daily. (Best Technique for How to Improve Yourself)

We have a plan and will and then what about the resources required? (Devil is in the detail for How to improve yourself)

The tricky question right? here comes another important aspect of our life ‘Attitude

We may have set a goal, but to achieve that, we don’t have resources.

Why cannot we start with baby steps and see where it goes?