Consciousness Can we Define Absolutely ?

Consciousness Can We Define?

it is with us always, and yet we are not aware of it in more detail.

However in recent years lot of research and debates happening around this topic.

Why it is important to understand consciousness?

we can control our stupid behavior at times.

we can control our anger and improve our attitude towards others and situations.

We will be thinking more rationally than earlier.

This topic is discussed in Indian Philosophy.

Much before science and Western civilization discussed this.

Here is a basic analysis of the topic from Drig Drishya Viveka. by Swami SarvaPriyananda

A simple explanation is below from one of the poems in the above text.

The eye is an object which does not have consciousness it is just an instrument like the camera, a sophisticated camera.

The image is transmitted to the Brain which itself does not have consciousness, which processes the image.

You experience the image, it is this “You” that is present in all living beings on different levels.

so at a higher level, it looks like all and everything is “consciousness” and rest is matter.

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