What is Yoga

What is Yoga

We know one of the popular exports from India is “Yoga”.

You need not follow any religion or philosophy to have a good life.

The concept of Yoga itself is enough to give you healthy life and more mental clarity on various things in the world.

Here below are the core concepts of Yoga

Objective: cessation of all mental functions leading to the realization of God.

Practise Methods:

Yama: Restrain from violence, lying, theft, and other bad behaviors.

Niyama: Have good habits, keep hygiene, study, contentment, etc.

Asana: Physical postures to help you maintain physical and mental health.

Pranayama: Breath control, is one of the best derivatives of Yoga to help you in eliminating breathing disorders and keep you energetic.

Dharana: Focus attention on an object to improve attention.

Dhyana: Meditation.

Pratyahara: Withdrawl of senses.

Samadhi: Once your Dharana and Dhyana reach a threshold and lead to a mental state called Samadhi, where the practitioner loses self-awareness, beyond this what happens nobody knows except the practitioner, it could be union with God or feel integrated with everything.

What is Maya

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