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Compulsive shopping

what is Compulsive shopping?

What is compulsive shopping? In simple terms unable to control the urge to shop when your mind says no. I believe everybody goes through compulsive shopping at times in their life. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of it and the causes of it. Here below useful video explaining it. Credits Heidi Hartston PhD For more topics? please click below https://suddhavichara.com/category/Candid/

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Unknown facts about root words

Unknown facts about root words It is interesting to know some of our daily used words are coming from Sanskrit to Latin or Greek or Arabic, finally in English. Root Sanskrit word For Sugar is Sharkara Shampoo is capayati Sweet is Svaad Navigation is Navagatha Dental is Danta Royal is Raya want to learn more please see below https://suddhavichara.com/category/Candid/

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